Kriya Level 1

Level 1: ANUPAYA

ANU refers to the atomic structure found in everything, including our own bodies, which was present during the singular moment of creation (the big bang). We can access this remembrance through the atomic structure of our bodies, recognizing that we are not separate but one with everything. The key is unlocking the energy of the spine and achieving pure penetration into meditative awareness, leading to the realization that we are nothing but a dance of light.

Purifying the physical body so that it is free of pain, suffering, and disease is the first step on the road. The practices in this section of the course are designed to energetically cleanse your body of energy blockages in the quickest way possible. These include mental patterns, stored emotions, and karmic patterns. For this purpose, we use dynamic movements, tapping, sound, breath techniques, Mantra Recitation, and Nada Yoga.

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The Course is Divided into 5 Topics

  • Himalayan Kriya Yoga Techniques
  • Philosophy (Kashmir Shaivism, Himalayan Mystical Traditions)
  • Anatomy (14 Energy Channels for Liberation, The Brain, Meridians)
  • Teaching Methodology (How to Facilitate A Level 1 Kriya Experience)
  • Practical Evaluation (Teaching a Kriya Class)

Level 1 Schedules

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