Kriya Level 2


Shaktipaya is the path of empowering the whole body (pancha kosha) with the profound flow of kundalini shakti. With this: activating, stimulating, directing, balancing, and aligning the whole flow to make sure the entire circuitry of the nadis are embellished with the whole flow of Maha Prana.

You will learn about the nature of Kundalini, its symptoms, and the science of flow and management. Along with this, you will learn powerful upsurge techniques that can penetrate into the deep subconscious as well as philosophical techniques to root out the underlying causes of suffering. In addition, you will also be learning fire pranayamas, techniques for transformation and transmutation of energy within you.

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What You Will Receive:

  • Techniques to Clear Chakras
  • Below Mooladhara
  • Powerful Upsurge
  • Technology of Maha Prana
  • Faster Clearning of Energy Body
  • Fire Pranayamas for Transformation

Level 2 Schedules