My Story

Samten Kriya (formerly Peewee Sanchez) has been doing yoga for more than 20 years and training yoga teachers for 12. Her first contact with yoga was regular self-practice with cardboard sheets for a mat. On weekends, she would practice Vajrayana Buddhist meditation with her neighbor, Khandro Chogyam Drolma. Due to this early exposure to the alignment of the energy body and meditation, she always looked for teachers who understood and knew how to work with energy as the focus of the yoga practice.

Samten Kriya is a senior student of Dr. Pradeep Ullal and started studying with him in 2012. Aside from this, she has been training teachers in Hatha Yoga for the last 11 years in most middle eastern countries and all of Southeast Asia (Yoga Alliance 200- and 300-hour workshops and continuing education workshops). Himalayan Kriya Yoga has unlocked her abilities as an intuitive healer through touch and her voice, which she uses for private or group healing sessions. Her ability to channel Kundalini Shakti allows her to awaken this dormant energy in aspirants who have proved ready, as well as guide those seeking help in this matter. Since the global pandemic, she has been sharing the practice of Himalayan Kriya Yoga with the world through retreats, workshops, online courses, and teacher trainings.

Samten’s Himalayan Kriya Experiences are compassionate, lighthearted, but also profound. She is able to bring you into deep healing states and, with fierce compassion, removes the drama and trauma from your system, as well as all the obstacles to your purest self.